Inception And Growth

The general notion in society is that education is the ultimate solution to all problems. As a result, nutrition has taken a backseat. However, when the belly is empty and the body lacking nutrition, education cannot have its intended impact.

After having worked with children from lesser privileged backgrounds for 12 years, a Post Graduate programme from Azim Premji University, came in as an eye-opener for Uma R. Maheswari. She saw the strong connection between Health, Nutrition and Education; and the need for a holistic understanding of this connection among us. There was a pressing demand for better awareness about nutrition and a means to meet the required nutrition.

Armed with nearly 18 years’ experience in the social space including three years of working closely with another nutrition-related company, Uma facilitated the birth of We-Mana Nutrition.

The millet-based nutrition bar – Ah!rogya Bar – was created to be a source of nutrition that is affordable, accessible, and appealing to the palate.

What does We-Mana mean?

‘We’ is the English word which means the collective – you, me, and the society.

 ‘Mana’ is a Polynesian word which refers to mental, physical and spiritual strength, energy and power.

Through the Ah!rogya Bar, We-Mana Nutrition aims to collaborate with communities in rendering mental, physical, and spiritual strength to all.


Vision: Nutrition for All.

Mission: To make nutrition accessible and affordable to all, specifically to the economically and socially marginalised

Appreciations Received

India 500 Startup (March 2019)

Vridhi (November 2019)

DMA (February 2020)

Great Companies (March 2020)

IAF (December 2020)

India 500 Startup (March 2019)

AIMWE Summit (March 2020)

Great Companies (2021)

WEN India (2020)


Bangalore Chamber of Industries and Commerce (BCIC - 2021)