We-Mana Nutrition operates as a social enterprise, inclined towards seeing an expanded awareness about nutrition. Research has proven that awareness of nutrition coupled with access to the same motivates children and adults to make more beneficial eating choices.

We-Mana’s Ah!rogya Bar is a packaged, ready-to-eat, on-the-go nutrition bar made from traditional and locally available ingredients (Ragi, Jaggery, Cardamom, Dates, Peanut, and Soya) without the addition of any artificial flavouring, colouring agents or preservatives. It is all-natural and all-vegetarian. Each 25-gram bar is estimated to contain essential micro and macronutrients and at least 6 grams of protein.

Ah!rogya Bar is a better and healthier snack in the commercial market. It is affordable and widely available, thereby improving access to necessary nourishment.

Through its products, We-Mana envisions to focus on vulnerable groups of children, women, and other marginalized groups that are in need of nutrition. It believes that by encouraging individuals and communities towards healthier options that are locally available, key problems like inadequate and hard-to-access nutritional requirements can be addressed among these groups, thereby improving in wholesome eating.


“Whoever says ‘healthy food isn’t tasty’, must taste Uma’s nutrition bars. You can’t stop with one for sure!”
Krithika Ram
“During the pandemic, we were not able to provide the mid-day meals or nutritious breakfast to the children to help avoid malnutrition. At such a time, the Ah!rogya Bar has been one of the greatest of support to us. It is easy to carry and helps avoid malnutrition. Vonisha’s overall experience - small bar with lots of benefits!”
R. Venkateswari
Vonisha Foundation
“The moment I took a bite of this bar it tasted like home - like the nutritious ladoos we prepare at home. Nothing about the taste, smell, and texture felt synthetic. I’m glad my friend suggested this and I’m going to use these bars regularly, even for my family. Great job, Uma. Commendable!”
Naresh Kuma Gupta
“if ‘health is wealth’, We-Mana has that monetary value to it. From my personal tasting and knowledge of health, I highly recommend trying this nutrition bar. The best part about this bar is that it is appealing to all ages - from child to grown-up. Everyone can have this nutrition bar and stay healthy and happy.”