At We Mana, we believe that collaboration and partnerships are key to achieving our mission of promoting nutritional awareness and thus better nutrition.. We partner with NGO’s that focus on helping women and children from resource poor backgrounds and distribute our products periodically.  We are gald to collaborate with individuals and organizations who share the same passion for making nutrition available to all.

Gubbachi Learning Community

Gubbachi has been working for educational inclusion of migrant and underprivileged children since 2015. It aims at foundational literacy and numeracy in government-run schools from grade 1 to 3 through organising and managing empowerment programs in migrant communities. Gubbachi has been running two bridge centres and four government-run school programs, impacting 450+ children and 6 migrant communities (350+ families) every year.

Magic Poshan

Magic Poshan is the journey of three childhood friends trying to put their love for food by providing good sources of nutrition to the underprivileged children of our communities. It believes in spreading magic through happy and healthy smiles.

Vonisha Service Foundation

Vonisha Service Foundation aims to empower the lives of the underpriveleged comunities and break the cycle of ignorance and poverty. Vonisha broadly operates in the field of health, education, sports and environments. It runs bridge programs for children who come from underpriveleged backgrounds and/or dropped out from school by nurturing them in fundamental education, life skills, values, sports , environment , skill development  and  career training.

Diya Ghar

Diya Ghar is an NGO with a heart for the migrant community. The NGO has worked with over 600 children to help receive a strong foundation in preschool education. It has been impacting over 300 preschool students and more families through the provision of education, nutrition, hygiene kits, medical support, and counselling. As a result, these children have had a better chance at continuing their education either at a government-run or private school. Diya Ghar partners with sponsors to support children’s needs of education and nutrition.

Nutrition Awarness Events

During Covid, we partnered with other NGO’s to conduct and participate in the following events for nutritional awareness : 

  1. St. Anne’s College – Entrepreneurship & its Challenges – For the students (January 2021)
  2. UNDP – Entrepreneurship Development (June 2021)
  3. Gubbachi Community Workers – Importance of Nutrition in the Community (September 2020)
  4. Feather Touch Group Play School – Nutrition for You and Your Family – Seminar for the parents (April 2020)

Associate NGO’s

Program Impact

 Over the past 5 years, we have distributed 2.53 lakh bars to the underprivileged in partnership with NGO’s.  

UNDP Project : We Mana partnered with UNICEF, Government of Karnataka and Child Rights and You to provide 10,000 bars to children,

pregnant and lactating mothers among our guest workers on their journey back home. 

Covid Response Team : We donated bars to frontline workers in Bangalore via the Covid Response Team.

We also worked with NGO’s that focussed on migrant workers and children of migrant workers to supply bars during the pandemic.

Join the fight against malnutrition!

About the Apna Bar

Apna Bar is exclusively made for distribution through our social partners, collaborators, and associate NGOs. It is given away to provide nutrition to children and women in need and is not sold in the commercial market. The Apna Bar is provided at below cost to keep up with our mission of making nutrition accessible & affordable to all, specifically to the economically and socially marginalised.


Ingredients of the Apna Bar include ragi, soya, peanut, jaggery, cardamom, dates, natural resin, green moong, amaranthus and ghee. Our products are made from locally procured ingredients in an attempt to reevaluate our dietary preferences. Through our products, we want to shake up the unspoken food hierarchy that exists in society while creating something that is healthy and caters to the Indian palette.

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