Malnutrition is

01 Undernutrition

02 Hidden Hunger

03 Obesity

Malnutrition is affected by




Climate Shock

Humanitarian Crisis

Did You Know?

One in 3 Children under age 5 are malnourished

One in 2 Children under age 5 have hidden hunger

Alarming Stats


Indian children 35% suffer from stunting,
17% suffer from wasting,33% are underweight 2% are overweight

Diagnosed with diseases

More and more Indian children are being diagnosed with adult diseases such as hypertension, chronic kidney disease and diabetes.

Anaemic woman

Every second woman in the country is anaemic, as are 40.5% of children.

Weak workforce

40% of our future workforce will be unable to achieve its full physical and cognitive potential*

What can Good nutrition Do?

Better childhood nutrition could cut stunting by 1/3 and reduce health issues, from diarrhea and pneumonia to deaf-mutism. Well-nourished children are 13% more likely to be in the correct grade at school, boosting lifelong skills. Good health and jobs break the cycle of poverty and ensure that every child gets a chance to thrive. By improving health and education, good nutrition leads to a more skillful and dynamic workforce. Fixing malnutrition now could bring economic benefits over 100 times as large as the costs of interventions.

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