Millit Hunger Bar Pumpkin & Cranberry


Pumpkin & Cranberry the bar contains the goodness of cranberry and  pumpkin seeds, to give you a nutty flavour accompanied with the sweet/ sour taste of cranberries.


Ingredients Ragi, Peanuts, Dates Jaggery, Moong, Amaranth, Pumpkin Seeds  Cranberry, Rice bran oil, Soya, Gaur gum, Cardamom

Nutritional Benefits

Pumpkin seeds are rich in antioxidants, iron, zinc, magnesium and many other nutrients. Zinc, a mineral that helps the immune system fight bacteria and viruses. 

Cranberries protect against liver disease; Lower blood pressure; Improve eyesight; Improve cardiovascular health. They help with urinary tract health.

Ragi (Finger Millet), is gluten-free, rich in dietary fibre, calcium, protein, iron, vitamin D and vitamin C. It aids in weight loss, reduces cravings, manages your digestive tract, keeps you energised and works as a natural relaxant, inducing better sleep.

Soya, high in plant-based protein content, is often preferred as an alternative for meat and dairy products. It also lowers bad cholesterol levels. This bean is also filled with essential vitamins, minerals (calcium & iron) and fibre.

Peanut is a great source of good fat, protein, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. This tasty, crunchy seed also prevents gallstone formation and protects us against heart diseases.

Jaggery, also known as ‘gur’, is unrefined brown sugar which is considered healthier than the refined sugar. It offers vitamins, minerals, better immunity, helps regulate body temperature, relieves menstrual cramps, detoxifies the liver, blood, and is a good source of energy.

Dates are highly nutritious, fibrous and work as brave antioxidants, diminishing many health risks. Dates are active in strengthening the health of bones, the brain and the nervous system, besides being natural sweeteners.

How & When to consume the bars

With its high fiber and protein content, the Millit Hunger Bar offers high satiety levels, making it a versatile choice to be used in different situations.

Aid to manage your calorie intake

If you are following a calorie-restricted diet and/or closely monitoring your caloric intake, you can use the bars in the following ways:  

  • As a meal replacement - For a complete meal, consider pairing it with a vegetable or fruit salad of your preference.

A pre- or post-workout snack 

With 8 grams of protein in a 35 gm bar, it contains a wide range of macronutrients and micronutrients for your nutritional needs. 

Meal on the Go

  • Breakfast - If your busy schedule leaves no time for breakfast, you can conveniently grab your preferred flavor of the Millit HUNGER BAR along with a beverage or juice of your choosing.
  • Quick Meal - the Millit HUNGER BAR easily fits into your bag, ensuring you have a healthy, nutritious, and wholesome meal option available wherever you are.

For those hunger pangs!

Research indicates that most individuals succumb to unhealthy junk food cravings during the evening hours, typically between 5 to 7 pm. 

Feed your cravings with a tasty and nourishing Millit HUNGER BAR.


Use within 6 months of Mfg Date

Store away from direct heat & sunlight.

Net Wt: 35gm

Shipping, Return & Cancellation Policy


Orders within Bengaluru:  1-2 days; 

Orders outside Bengaluru: 3 -7 days

Shipping Fee

Orders within Bengaluru: Rs 65

Orders in Karnataka: Rs 100

Orders in South India: Rs 150

Orders in Rest of India: Rs 225

Refund Policy

We do not accept returns. 

Cancellation Policy 

Orders maybe cancelled up to the time of dispatch, post dispatch cancellation not possible. 

If the bars have reached you in a damaged condition, do not accept the package and contact us

12 reviews for Millit Hunger Bar Pumpkin & Cranberry

  1. Apurvi Joshi

    The bar is a tasty, healthy and filing snack that we can carry with us and munch anywhere.

  2. Nitin Thutheja

    Taste is good 👍 but Product packaging is a bit tough to tear, please improve on it

  3. Liam Timms

    The product is tasty and it has a good social message. The packaging is a bit tough to tear, but better than previous iteration

  4. Prarthana

    I had the classic flavor and it was pretty tasty for a millet bar. I am personally not a fan of protein bars and haven’t liked the taste of the other bars I’ve had. But this one was good enough and a healthy option.

  5. L S Jowett

    The taste is good. The feel of the product could be better.

  6. Aksah Daniel

    Tastes so good at the same time gives me enough energy.

  7. Sreeja

    The bar was quite fulfilling, could come handy when long breaks between consuming anything, a replacement of nutrients when a meal or a breakfast is skipped, the taste of it was pretty homely, love the pepper curry leaf that tasted like rasam. And the cranberry one, which had cranberries in.

  8. Samuel

    The hunger bars are really good. Could have a more stark variance among different flavors.

  9. Amarpreet Pandey

    I think the product tastes wonderful, is affordably priced and serves the purpose of supporting an organization that is doing a lot of groundwork on children’s nutrition.

  10. Pranayesh Singh

    Good product.

  11. Roushnee Sur

    I love the taste and it is a wholesome meal by itself

  12. Dr Ashu

    Very good

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